Not my life – om trafficking

Filmskaparen Robert Bilheimer står bakom en ny, viktig film om trafficking: Not my life. Följ länken och titta!
Och varsågod. En liten miniintervju med honom.

Why this project about trafficking?
– As a filmmaker, I have always been interested in human rights, believing that  there is an enormously important role for the arts to play in understanding– and contributing to the relief of– human suffering.  Charles Dickens and Sebastaio Salgado, for instance,  from their respective worlds of 19th literature and 20th century photography, are wonderful examples of artists who work is rooted in a profound understanding of the the relationship between art and social justice. With respect to human trafficking, I was drawn to this subject because of its danger and its size;   its complexity; the enormous suffering it is creating; and its deeply hidden and subversive nature. Because of the relative scarcity of film literature on this subject, I did not feel I had any choice but to take this on, especially with the encouragement and support we were given in the early stages by organizations like the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, and the Swedish International Development Agency.

What surprised you the most during this project?
Three things: 1. The ubiquity and diversity of human trafficking and modern day slavery, which are manifest in virtually every country on earth, and in forms that include, but are by no means limited to, sexual trafficking. 2. The harsh reality that the vast majority of trafficking victims– millions and millions of them–  are children. I have still not come to terms with what this means to our sense of ourselves as a human civilization, if we can indeed still call ourselves that while these practices are going on.

In what ways did this project change you and your view upon the world?
Good question. I have been making documentary films about important human rights subjects– including apartheid, AIDS, and now human trafficking–  for more than 20 years. So I have seen a lot: a lot of suffering. a lot of courage and compassion; a lot of what makes the world the way it is today, both good and bad. But with human trafficking, there is something that remains unresolved for me, something I have not quite come to terms with yet. And that is the fact that the vast majority of human trafficking victims are children. And often very young children. So if my world view has been affected by the five years I have devoted to Not My Life, it has to do with the fact that I am ”worried”– if that’s the right word–  about a world in which our children suffer so terribly; a world in which children are not only victims of war, but instruments of war; a world where chlldren are bought and sold as commodities; a world in which children work long hours at hard labor that would be inhuman for any adult; a world whose values have changed so drastically that the very concept of ”child protection”, which is so fundamental to who we are and what we are as humans,  seems lost. What kind of world is this, I wonder? Can we live in such a world with impunity? The reality of human trafficking asks us these questions, I believe, and so does Not My Life. What lies still in the balance, is how we will answer them.

Not my life har Sverigepremiär imorgon.


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